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Can you negotiate with a towing company your towing and storage fees in Miami Florida?

Towing Company – Parking your car in any area of Miami Dade County Florida is a bit tricky. The situation becomes even complicated when searching for limited space in Miami Beach or trendy Coral Gables. No doubt the situation could be frustrating for drivers but it is extremely necessary to take care while parking in any area in Miami Dade Florida. A bit of care and a single move can save you from a big problem. A driver just has to avoid the tow away zones while parking a vehicle. Or else, they may catch into a big problem.

To prevent such situation the Customer service department of Miami Dade Florida describes what you need to know to save your vehicle to be towed. At first place, you should know the cautions to keep your vehicle exactly where you have parked it. The customer service department also helps you to stay aware of fake and corrupt towers who may be on the stalk.

But let’s think about the worst scenario that your vehicle has been towed by a towing company and you are asked for towing and storage fees. In that situation,what you are left with is just to pay what you are asked for. Here the question was “can you negotiate with a towing company your towing and storage fees in Miami Dade Florida”?

Well, probably you can not negotiate for your towing and storage fees. The towing companies usually do not listen to the negotiation of towing and storage fees. There can be a possible exception if the towing and storage fee costs more than the sale or auction value of the vehicle.   

You must be thinking that how can I say this for sure that you can’t negotiate the storage and towing fee. The answer to your question is that the towing industry in Miami Dade County Florida is entirely regulated and licensed by the Government i.e. the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources.

The whole industry is operating on single rules and regulations provided by the state. There is no chance to negotiate for towing and storage fees. All the charges are fixed depending on the type of vehicle and the type of storage. 

All the authentic towers in Miami Dade Florida are licensee meaning that any person engaged in towing, removing or storing a vehicle has a license to do so. If you accidentally parked in a tow away zone and towing company towed your vehicle, the company will inform this activity to the Local Jurisdiction or Miami Dade Police Department no more than 30 minutes. Therefore if you are unable to find your vehicle where you parked, you can call the local police station to know about your vehicle and the location where you can get back your vehicle.

The towing and storage fees are fixed for private property towed in Miami Dade County Florida. There are four classes of private property from Class A to Class D. For Class A vehicles tow, the flat rates are $101; for Class B, the fee is $165; for Class C vehicle tow, the charges are $235 and $300 for Class D vehicle tow.

There are two types of storage, inside storage and outside storage. The fee is different for both types of storage depending on the size of the vehicle. For inside storage, the per day fee is $25 for 0 to 20 feet vehicle, $40 per day for Over 20 Feet vehicle and $12 for Motorcycles and Scooters. For outside storage the per day fee for 0 to 20 feet vehicle is $20; for over 20 Feet vehicle per day fee is $35 and for motorcycles and scooters the fee is $10 per day.

So there is no chance of negotiating with a towing company for your towing and storage fees as it is fixed by the rules and regulations of the government department of the state. Only you can do it to pay the fee if you want to retrieve your vehicle back.

You should be careful at first to avoid the situation as later it can be a huge problem for you if you are unable to pay for the high towing and storage fees. If you do nothing then the worst scenario will happen, the tow company will sell your vehicle to cover your bills. Still, you have to pay for the fine or any excess charges. The tow company then owns your car and you still have to pay the money to tow company. If this happens the government wants their money so has a warrant out for your arrest. I wish you Good luck if you are caught in such a situation.