roadside assistance program

Do I need a roadside assistance program?

Sometimes, as a regular driver, you are confused about which plans or programs you may need for your car. You buy some services but end up not using them, in the end, you realize you have wasted money – cool cash. And now, you’re wondering if you need a roadside assistance program, you’re right, after all, there are other bills to pay.

Picture this, you’re driving on the interstate, and of course, unplanned, your engine stops responding, or it is the tire, the rear left tire is pierced and it bursts, now you’re – stranded. Nobody hopes or anticipates this situation – but it’s a possibility.

No machine is 100% perfect, we can only try to put them in the best possible condition, but life happens and the unexpected comes with it. It’s best you’re prepared and are not taken unawares. So the question is answered, do I need a roadside program? Yes, an emphatic yes.

If you’re buying or driving a certified used car, no matter how reliable you think the dealer or company is, rest assured they can only assure you, they are not going to drive with you as you go around town.

Reasons why you need a Roadside Assistance program


If convenience is your priority, then you need to consider signing up for a roadside assistance program. Adding the program to your insurance policy will only cost a few more dollars, and you’re secured.

The program saves you time, stress and the trouble associated with locating and contacting the nearest service center of professionals who are best suited to your needs. It is a shame this service is largely underappreciated in our world today. You don’t want to be caught off guard by not signing up and needing the service all of a sudden.


As a regular driver, signing up for a roadside assistance program can save you a lot of dollars in the long run. To put in perspective, if it cost you $80 out of the pocket cash to get a professional towing service to where you are in order to help your car, you would be saving a whole lot in the cause of a year if several such incidents occur and you have a roadside assistance program in place.

Distance and commute

Another reason you must consider signing up for a roadside assistance program is the distance you cover on a daily basis. If you only run errands within a small radius around where you live, you may contemplate. not having this service But if you take trips on – say weekends, to several places and some you are not familiar with, then a roadside assistance program is highly needed. This ensures you have a professional network who would be at your service once you have a slight challenge.

The age of your vehicle or mileage should also be considered. If you’re considering the age of the vehicle, then it should be that the mileage is small, but if you run the vehicle a lot, then even in your first few years of driving the vehicle (assuming you bought it new), you may need a roadside assistance program. Some vehicle manufacturers may include the service as complementary, but their service area may not be close when you need them, so looking out for yourself may be necessary.

Roadside Assistance Program

In the end, a roadside assistance program is highly important for every regular driver. Getting signed up immediately will not be a bad idea.