car plunges into water

What to do if your car plunges into water?

Car Plunges Into Water – There are only a few things that are more scary than having your car plunge into water. Forget the calm demeanor your favorite actor exudes on TV; having your car plunge into water is not exactly the kind of fun time they make it feel like.

In reality, the chances of surviving once the car plunges into water is very low and it takes only the most hardy people who knows what they are doing. That begs the question, what would you do if your car plunges into water? What is the first step you would take? Sit tight and learn:

Open the window as fast as possible

Having your car plunged in water is perhaps one of the most devastating thing that could happen to anyone, the first thing you should do is to open your windows as fast as possible. If it is possible, open your windows before you hit the water. It will go on to help you in a lot of ways as you will discover while reading on.

Sit still with your seat belt on

Once you have your car entirely plunged into the water, the first mistake you can make is to proceed to move immediately. This is a very dangerous mistake, forget the movies. The pressure of the water on your car will make moving any part of it very difficult. At this stage, all that is expected is that you sit still and have your seat belt on. This will prevent any form of unwarranted movement. You can also take this time out to survey your environment and plan your escape.

Do not try to open the door yet

Another mistake you should avoid should your car plunge into water is the urge to open the door immediately you hit the water body. The door wont budge and if you attempt to force it, you will end up seriously injuring yourself. You should sit still and wait for the water to flood in through the window for a few seconds. Once the pressure has normalized and the water is getting up to your chest in the car, take a couple of deep breath and hold your breath once the water gets to your chin.

Once out of the car, let your body take you up

It is only now that you can open the door and then take off your seat belt. While you unbuckle the seat belt, hold on to the steering wheel for leverage and get out of the car.  If you are travelling alone, it is time you have made for the surface. If you are travelling with others, check up to see if they are out too. The moment everyone is secure, don’t worry about going up or down, allow your body take you up.

All of these should take you about a minute and a few seconds and you should be safely out before your car sinks any further.