Tow Away Zone

Tow Away Zone

Tow Away Zone – Towing vehicles parked illegally per code and signs, in commercial parking lots and private residence access; misuse of disabled parking spot, blocking fire hydrants, blocking driveway, disallowed overnight parking. Call us and we will handle any issue.

Towing Miami is a family owned towing company in Miami. We understand that pricing, excellent service and honesty are crucial at a time of need when one feels alone. Towing Miami is here to provide you with your towing needs.

Tow Away Zone

When you call us, you can be confident that your fine vehicle will be treated with the greatest respect and care. Whether you have a brand new luxury sedan, a simple mini-van or a four-wheel SUV, you can count on us to safely take your car to wherever you need it. We are commitment to give our customers 24-7 Miami Towing & Roadside Assistance in Miami

Towing Miami is offering fast & reliable towing service in Miami

Tow Away Property Signs

Every business, homeowners association and others who have a parking lot have the right to manage the parking on the property they own, rent or lease. We can help you establish a Tow Away Zone. You have a legal right to remove unauthorized vehicles at the expense of the vehicles owner.

We offer the following complimentary services to assist in solving parking issues at your properties at no charge to you:

  • Signage customized and installed to your property’s needs
  • Parking permits (decals or hanging placards)
  • Tenant notices and tenant warnings
  • Prompt removal of vehicles blocking fire lanes/dumpsters/no parking zones
  • Digital photo documentation of towed violators at your request
  • Tagging of abandoned or inoperable vehicles
  • Removal of abandoned or inoperable vehicles

Utilizing our private property parking management services will increase the security of your property and the security of your tenants. Additionally, the expedited removal of unsightly abandoned or inoperable vehicles will assist you in avoiding unwanted city fines, insurance violations, and will keep your property safe and beautiful!